Main characteristics: Rexolin® CXK is a stable, water-soluble and non-dusting mixture of metal chelates; Iron, manganese, copper, zinc are present in a chelated form.

:Suitable for foliar feeding for fruit, vegetable, flower and arable crops, especially in  zinc deficient areas. Also suitable for soil applications and in mixes with NPK fertilizers for nutrigation.

Appearance : Green micro granules
pH (1% solution) : 5 - 6.5
pH Stability range: : 3 – 6.5
Bulk density : approx. 600 - 700 kg/m3

Product analysis

Nutrient Chelating Agent Typical* % Minimum %

Boron Inorganic

1.5 1.2

Copper (Cu) EDTA

0.5 0.4

Iron (Fe) EDTA

3.4 3.0

Magnesium (Mg) Inorganic

1.2 0.96

Maganese (Mn) EDTA 

3.2 2.8

Molybdenu (Mo) EDTA 

0.05 0.04

Zinc (Zn) EDTA 

4.2 3.8

Contains approx. 10.0% Potassium (K) (12.0% as K2O)
Solubility in water approx. 800 g/l (20 °C), 1,200 g/l (80 °C)
Storage:      Store in original package in a dry place at ambient temperature (below 25°C).  It is advised to re-test after three years of storage. Exposure to sunlight may cause degradation of the product.

Rexolin® CXK is a combination of the chelated micronutrients Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn and  K, B, Mo in one single microgranule and is developed for the correction and prevention of general micronutrient deficiencies in a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops, but especially for crops growing on zinc deficient soils. Rexolin® CXK is developed for usage as foliar fertilizer, but can also be soil applied.
Rexolin®CXK micronutrients are chelated by EDTA, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. Rexolin® CXK contains 42 grams zinc as Zn-EDTA per kg product. Other micronutrients apart from boron, molybdenum and magnesium are also chelated by EDTA.
Rexolin® combi products contain a range of chelated micronutrient formulations with their own specific metal contents and ratios

Why micronutrients are combined

Deficiencies clearly caused by a single element should be cured by applying this lacking element. Soil or substrate analysis or leaf tissue analysis do help in obtaining information about the nutritional conditions of the crop. Due to interactions of the nutrients in the plant a certain visual deficiency symptom can not always be assigned to just one missing nutrient. When mixed in NPK fertilizers Rexolin® CXK prevents interactions of the micronutrients because micronutrients are fully chelated.