Magnisal® Magnesium Nitrate


Magnisal®    :  Magnesuim Nitrate Hexahydrate 11-0-0+16MgO Soluble Grade

Appearance :  White, or yellowish-greenish white flakes 


Magnesium (as Mg) 9.6%
Magnesium (as MgO)  16.1%
Nitrogen (as N-NO3) 11%
pH (5% solution) 5.5
Water-insoluble matter <1000 ppm 

Magnisal® is pure magnesium nitrate manufactured as flakes, to provide longer shelf-life and reduce the product hygroscopicity.

Magnisal® is highly water soluble and is useful for foliar, in nutrient solutions, in nutrigation.

Double benefit: Not only that Magnisal® is an efficient source of magnesium, it also facilitates plant uptake of the Ca & K present in the soil. This is due to the nitrate nitrogen (NO3-) in Magnisal®, which helps uptake of positively charged ions (cations) like K+, Ca++ etc.

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