Calicum based liquid formula, deigned for foliar use only. Catalytic effect for the absorption of its micro-nutrients. Designed for all kinds of crops.



Calcium Oxide(CaO): 14.5% (w/w) 19.2%(w/v)
with water soluble Zinc(Zn) : 1.4% (w/w) 1.9% (w/v)


[Elixir] technology consists of a catalyst effect for the absorption of its micro-nutrients in the plant. Elixir improves fruit firmness, which extends post-harvest life and fruit quality. In addition, it decreases post-harvest fruit weight loss, reduces oxidative damage on fruit skin, and increases fruit equatorial diameter (calibre).

Dosage and Application

For Foliar application we recommend doses from 4 to 5 L/Ha, depending on the degree of wetness of the treatment and on the conidition of the plant.
Apply on 80-100% fallen petals.
Perform only one application.

NOTE: SHAKE BEFORE USING. The product may present crystal / sedimant formation. However these are soluble in application broth.


Do not mix with cupric components, sulphurs, oils, or extremely acidic or alkali components. Do not apply under strong sunlight.

Storage Instructions

Keep in original container between 5-350C, dry place and shelter from direct sunlight. Make sure the storage area compiles with the regulations for order and cleanliness and good practices.