Role of Nutrient

Important. Element of Nitrogen reductese enzymes

Soil in which  deficiency is prominent

Less common in any kind of soils, rare deficiency

Effects  of Deficiency

Inhibit development of plant parts & flowers due to less nitrogen metabolisation

Symptoms of Deficiency

Yellowing of leaves & necrosis of leaf edges

Copper is necessary for carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism, so inadequate copper results in stunting of plants. Copper also is required for lignin synthesis which is needed for cell wall strength and prevention of wilting. Deficiency symptoms of copper are dieback of stems and twigs, yellowing of leaves, stunted growth and pale green leaves that wither easily.

Copper deficiencies are mainly reported on organic soils (peats and mucks), and on sandy soils which are low in organic matter. Copper uptake decreases as soil pH increases. Increased phosphorus and iron availability in soils decreases copper uptake by plants.