Amino [K]

Liquid formula based on amino acids and pottasium, Primary vegetal metabolism corrector and biostimulant.


Free Amino Acids: 5% (w/w) 6.8%(w/v)
water soluble Pottasium Oxide(K2O) : 19% (w/w) 25.8% (w/v)
Total Nitrogen(N) : 0.9% (w/w) 1.2% (w/v)
Organic Nitrogen(N) : 0.9% (w/w) 1.2% (w/v)


Amino + [K] is a liquid formula based on amino acids and pottasium containing low molecular weight organic acids; free of chlorides, nitrates and sulphates; it has a slightly acidic pH to facilitate it mixture in foliar and root applications. It favours the assimilation of other cations such as calcium and magnesium. It increases the formation of reserves and fruit, root or root crop firmness. Especially recommended in the final phase of fruition, because it stimulates the synthesis of sugars or oils, favouring the start of maturation.

Dosage and Application

For Foliar application we recommend doses from 0.2% to 0.5%, depending on the degree of wetness of the treatment and on the conidition of the plant.
We recommend a dosage from 6 to 15 L/Ha for fertigation applications.


Do not mix with oils, herbicides, products containing copper or those with alkaline reactions.

Storage Instructions

Keep in original container between 5-350C, dry place and shelter from direct sunlight.
Make sure the storage area compiles with the regulations for order and cleanliness and good practices.