Amino [K+Mg+Mn]

Liquid formula based on amino acids, pottasium, magnesium and manganese. Primary vegetal metabolism corrector and Biostimulant.


Free Amino Acids: 3% (w/w) 3.6%(w/v)
Water-Soluble pottasium oxide (K2O) : 6% (w/w) 7.2% (w/v) Water-Soluble magnesium oxide (MGO) : 2.5% (w/w) 3% (w/v) Water-Soluble manganese (Mn) : 1.3% (w/w) 1.6% (w/v)


Amino [K+Mg+Mn] is a liquid formula based on amino acids and low molecular weight organic acids together with pottasium, magnesium and manganese strengthened with short branched carboxylic acids; free of chlorides, nitrates and sulphates; it has a slighlty acidic pH to facilitate its mixture in foliar and root applications.
Recommended in the preventive and curative control of deficiency conditions of three elements, either due to defect in presence in soil or by competition of cations excessively present that interfere in their absorption (Ca, Na, etc), allowing a correct nutrtion at the intital stages of flowering.

Dosage and Application

we recommend a dosage from 0.2% to 0.5% in foliar applications.
we recommend a dosage from 5 to 10 L/Ha for fertigation applications.


Do not mix with oils, herbicides, products containing copper or those with alkaline reactions.
Do not mix with calcium based products except those that are chelated. In mixtures with phosphoric acids and phosphates, reduce the pH of the solution to 3 before adding the product.

Storage Instructions

Keep in original container between 5-350C, dry place and shelter from direct sunlight. Make sure the storage area compiles with the regulations for order and cleanliness and good practices.