Foliar and root corrector based on boron, molybdenum and phosphorous. Inorganic fertiliser with main nutrients.


Boron (B) complexed in boron-ethanolamine form: 2.4% (w/w) 2.8% (w/v)
Water-Soluble Molybdenum(Mo) : 3.2% (w/w) 3.7%(w/v)
Phosphorus Oxide (P2O5) : 1.4% (w/w) 1.9% (w/v)


[P+B+MO] is a liquid formula based on boron (ethanolamine), molybdenum, (aminoniacal) nitrogen and phosphorous, free of chlorides, nitrates and sulphates.Designed for root and foliar use, it has a synergistic effect within the elements it contains, stimulating flowering and flavouring fruit setting and flattening.
Its application is recommended to favour flowering, setting and flattening of fruits in normal conditions and, especially, under adverse environmental conditions, correcting the lack of each of its components, as well as in plants cultivated in soils with pH above 8.

Dosage and Application

Dosage from 0.3% to 0.5% in foliar application is recommended.
Dosage from 3 to 5 L/Ha for fertigation application is recommended.


Do not mix with oils,lime sulphur mixtures or products with strong alkaline reactions.

Storage Instructions

Keep in original container between 5-350C, dry place and shelter from direct sunlight. Make sure the storage area compiles with the regulations for order and cleanliness and good practices.