About Us

M/s PR Agro Nutri (Pvt.) Limited is incorporated with an objective of improving quality and productivity per unit of cultivated area by Nursing, Nourishing and Nurturing the plants with world’s best quality agri-inputs and state of the art technologies.

The Company is promoted by a group of professionals with experience unmatched by anyone in the specialty fertilizers industry in India. Since its inception in 2002, within few years, the company has grown to one of the leading 100% Water Soluble Fertilizers importers and marketers in India.

In its commitment to satisfy the needs of progressive farming community, PR Agro is importing and marketing wide range of quality plant nutrients in the form of Water Soluble Specialty Fertilizers for Modern Indian Agriculture. To achieve this, PR Agro has joined hands with world's leading producers of best quality Water Soluble Fertilizers, Fully Chelated Micronutrients, Amino Acids, Bio-Stimulants,Ecological Organic Products etc..

Sources of our Products are:-

Haifa logo

M/s Haifa Chemicals South Ltd., Haifa, Israel  

For products like KNO3, MAP, MKP, Magnisal and Soluble N-P-K's.
Tessenderlo logo

M/s Tessenderlo Chemie NV/SA, Brussels, Belgium.

For Soluble SOP.
Yara logo

M/s Yara International, Norway

For Calcium Nitrate.

Nouryon Logo

M/s Nouryon Functional Chemicals B.V.(formerly known as Akzo-Nobel), The Netherlands

For Fully Chelated Micro Nutrient Fertilizers

Minera Santarita Logo

M/s Minera Santarita, Argentina

For Boron (Di-Sodium Octa-Borate Tetra-Hydrate)

Kheme Chemicals Logo

M/s Kheme Chemicals, Spain

For Bio-Stimulants, Amino Acids, Liquid Foliar Correctors and Ecological Organic Products

PR Agro with its qualified manpower combined with complete plant nutrients range and technically supported nation wide distribution network, has become the best choice of farmers for reliable supply of Specialtiy Products. Quality is the concept of PR Agro, as we see ourselves not merely as an importer and supplier but also as a responsible farmer friendly company. We put our best efforts to meet our customer requirements. That is why our customers pronounce PR Agro Nutri (Pvt.) Ltd. as PRAN (means 'Life') - "not merely a company but a live entity". Our team works hand in hand with the end user 'The Farmer' to solve his problems and give him the best solutions to improve his returns.